Hunting in Cyprus

A Long-Standing Tradition

Hunting in Cyprus is a popular and long-standing tradition that has been passed down through generations. The island’s diverse landscapes and rich biodiversity make it an ideal location for hunting enthusiasts.

Cyprus offers a wide variety of game for hunters, including partridge, dove and quail. The hunting season in Cyprus typically runs from September to February, with different species being in season at different times. This allows hunters to enjoy a range of hunting experiences throughout the year.

Cyprus Partridge Hunting

One of the most popular hunting activities in Cyprus is Cyprus partridge hunting. The island’s rugged terrain and dense forests provide the perfect habitat for these elusive birds. Hunters often use specially trained dogs to track and flush out the birds, making for an exciting and challenging hunting experience.

Cyprus Hare Hunting

Hare hunting is another popular pursuit in Cyprus. The island’s open fields and agricultural areas provide ample opportunities for hunters to track and pursue these fast and agile animals. Many hunters use trained falcons or hounds to assist them in their pursuit of hares, adding an extra level of excitement to the hunt.

Cyprus is also known for its abundant bird populations, making it a prime destination for bird hunting. Dove and quail hunting are particularly popular, with the island’s diverse landscapes providing a variety of habitats for these game birds. Hunters can enjoy the thrill of stalking these birds through the countryside, using their skills and knowledge of the terrain to outwit their quarry.

A Pheasant

Focus on Conservation and Environmental Stewardship

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in responsible and sustainable hunting practices in Cyprus. Many hunters are now choosing to hunt with a focus on conservation and environmental stewardship. This includes adhering to strict hunting regulations, using non-toxic ammunition, and participating in wildlife management programs to ensure the long-term sustainability of game populations.

The Cyprus Hunters’ Federation plays a key role in promoting responsible hunting practices and conservation efforts on the island. The federation works closely with government agencies and conservation organizations to develop and implement sustainable hunting policies and initiatives.

Hunting Opportunities

In addition to its rich hunting opportunities, Cyprus also offers a range of hunting lodges, outfitters, and guides to assist hunters in planning and enjoying their hunting adventures. These facilities provide a comfortable and convenient base for hunters to explore the island’s diverse landscapes and pursue their chosen game.

For many hunters, the appeal of hunting in Cyprus lies not only in the thrill of the chase but also in the opportunity to experience the island’s natural beauty and wildlife. The island’s stunning landscapes, from rugged mountains to sun-drenched plains, provide a picturesque backdrop for hunting adventures. Many hunters also enjoy the chance to observe Cyprus’s diverse flora and fauna while pursuing their quarry.

A Unique and Rewarding Experience for Enthusiasts

Overall, hunting in Cyprus offers a unique and rewarding experience for enthusiasts of all levels. Whether pursuing wild hare, or game birds, hunters can enjoy the thrill of the chase in a beautiful and diverse natural environment. With a growing emphasis on responsible and sustainable hunting practices, Cyprus is poised to remain a premier destination for hunting enthusiasts for years to come.

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