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A Popular Pastime for Both Locals and Tourists

Dove hunting in Cyprus is a popular pastime for both locals and tourists. The island’s warm climate and diverse landscape make it an ideal location for this type of hunting. Cyprus is home to several species of doves, including the European Turtle Dove and the Eurasian Collared Dove, making it a prime destination for hunters looking to bag a few birds.

The Hunting Season for Doves in Cyprus

The hunting season for doves in Cyprus typically runs from the beginning of September to the end of February. During this time, hunters can take to the fields and woodlands in search of their prey. The islands varied terrain, which includes both open fields and dense forests, provides ample opportunities for hunters to find the perfect spot to set up their blinds and decoys.

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Local Guides Are in Place

Local guides and outfitters are available to assist hunters in navigating the terrain and locating prime hunting spots. These experts possess invaluable knowledge of the best hunting areas and can enhance the overall experience for visiting hunters.

After a successful day of hunting, participants can savour the satisfaction of their achievements and enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts. Many hunting lodges and accommodations in Cyprus cater to the needs of hunters, offering comfortable lodging and hearty meals.

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Using Decoys to Attract The Birds

One of the most popular methods of hunting doves in Cyprus is using decoys to attract the birds. Hunters will set up a spread of decoys in a field or woodland, making it appear as though there is a flock of doves already feeding in the area. This can help to lure in passing birds, making them an easy target for the waiting hunter.

Another common method of hunting doves in Cyprus is using a shotgun. Hunters will often hide in a blind or behind a natural barrier, such as a tree or bush, and wait for the doves to come within range. Once the birds are in range, the hunter can take a shot, hopefully bringing down a bird or two.

Restrictions Are in Place

While dove hunting in Cyprus can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, it is important for hunters to be aware of the local regulations and laws regarding hunting. In Cyprus, hunters are required to obtain a hunting license before they can take to the field. Additionally, there are restrictions on the types of weapons and ammunition that can be used, as well as limits on the number of birds that can be harvested each day.

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Conservation Efforts Are in Place

Conservation efforts are also in place to ensure that the dove population in Cyprus remains healthy and sustainable. Hunters are encouraged to only take what they need and to avoid targeting nesting birds or those that are still young and vulnerable. By following these guidelines, hunters can help to ensure that the dove population in Cyprus remains strong for future generations to enjoy.

A Unique and Exciting Experience For Hunters

Overall, dove hunting in Cyprus offers a unique and exciting experience for hunters of all skill levels. With its diverse landscape, abundant bird population, and rich hunting traditions, Cyprus is a top destination for those looking to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Whether using decoys or shotguns, hunters can find plenty of opportunities to bag a few doves during their time on the island. And with a focus on conservation and sustainable hunting practices, Cyprus is sure to remain a popular destination for dove hunters for years to come.


Dove hunting in Cyprus is an exhilarating pursuit that allows enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty while honing their hunting skills. With proper adherence to regulations and conservation efforts, this timeless tradition continues to thrive in Cyprus.

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