Cycling in Cyprus

A Scenic and Challenging Cycling Route

The Troodos Square – Trooditissa – Platres cycling route is a scenic and challenging route that offers breathtaking views of the Troodos Mountains. This route is ideal for nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts looking for an adventure.

The Route Starts at Troodos Square

Starting at Troodos Square, the route takes you through winding roads and uphill climbs. As you ascend, you will pass by the Troodos Botanical Gardens, which are home to a variety of plant species, including rare and endemic species. The Troodos Geopark is another must-see attraction in the area, offering visitors an insight into the geological history of the region.

Karvounas - Prodromos Cycling

First Stop at Trooditissa

As you leave Troodos Square and head towards Trooditissa, the terrain changes, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by rocky cliffs, deep gorges, and colourful wildflowers. The road becomes steeper, and you’ll need to exert more effort to keep pedalling. However, the stunning views make the effort worth it. Trooditissa is a small village known for its picturesque church and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is a popular pilgrimage site for locals and visitors alike.


The Route Continues Towards Platres

From Trooditissa, the route takes you to Platres, a charming mountain village famous for its cool climate and natural beauty. The road to Platres is a mix of steep climbs and descents, with hairpin turns and switchbacks that require careful manoeuvring. However, the scenery is stunning, with dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and rocky cliffs.

Explore the Village of Platres

Once you reach Platres, take a break and explore the village’s many attractions. Platres is home to several hiking trails, including the Caledonia Waterfalls Trail, which takes you through a dense forest to a series of cascading waterfalls. The town has several restaurants and cafes where you can sample local cuisine and relax after a long day of cycling.

A Challenging but Rewarding Cycling Route

Overall, the Troodos Square – Trooditissa – Platres cycling route is a challenging but rewarding experience that showcases the natural beauty of the Troodos Mountains. With stunning views, diverse flora and fauna, and a mix of challenging and relaxing terrain, this route is a must-try for any cycling enthusiast visiting the area.

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