The village's football Claub

The Football Club in Pyrgos Limassol

Θ.Ο.Ι. Football Club is at the entrance of Pyrgos Limassol.

The Cafe Club is offering a variety of refreshments, snacks and other Cypriot dishes including kebabs, sheftalia and many other charcoal dishes. The club also offers free home delivery.

The club is a meeting place for the village’s football team and other residents looking to enjoy a snack and a nice cool beer, use the facilities of the club for many board games and commune with each other.

Tuesday, is the BINGO night starting at 8.30 pm with guaranteed winnings €1000 so it can’t be bad.

Delicious Cypriot dishes, a cool Cypriot beer, soft background music, board games and BINGO on Tuesday what more you want for a nice evening.

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