Pissouri Grapes Festival

The Wine-Making Village of Pissouri

The Pissouri Grapes Festival is a celebration of the rich wine-making heritage of Cyprus. This annual event takes place in the picturesque village of Pissouri, located on the southern coast of the island. The festival is a time for locals and visitors alike to come together and enjoy the bounty of the vineyards.

Visitors Can Sample a Variety of Wines

The festival typically takes place in late August or early September, when the grapes are ripe and ready for harvest. The streets of Pissouri are transformed into a lively marketplace, with stalls selling fresh grapes, wine, and other local produce. Visitors can sample a variety of wines made from the grapes grown in the region, including the famous Commandaria wine, which has been produced in Cyprus for over 4,000 years.

Barrel and Wine

Live Music, Traditional Dancing and Culture

In addition to wine tasting, the festival also features live music, traditional dancing, and other cultural performances. Local artisans showcase their crafts, and there are activities for children, such as grape stomping and grape picking competitions. The festival culminates in a grand parade, where participants march through the streets carrying baskets of grapes and singing traditional songs.

The Grape Crushing Ceremony

One of the highlights of the Pissouri Grapes Festival is the grape crushing ceremony. This ancient tradition involves stomping on grapes with bare feet to extract the juice, which is then used to make wine. The ceremony is a symbolic re-enactment of the age-old process of winemaking, and it is a reminder of the importance of the grape harvest to the people of Cyprus.

Learn The History and Culture of Winemaking

The festival also offers a chance to learn about the history and culture of winemaking in Cyprus. Visitors can tour local vineyards and wineries, where they can see the grape vines up close and learn about the different varieties of grapes grown in the region. They can also participate in wine-making workshops, where they can try their hand at crushing grapes and fermenting wine.

Wines to go round at the festival

The Pissouri Grapes Festival is a celebration of the bounty of the land and the hard work of the farmers who cultivate the vineyards. It is a time to come together as a community and give thanks for the gifts of nature. The festival is a reminder of the importance of preserving traditional agricultural practices and supporting local farmers.

Visitors From All Over Cyprus and Beyond

In recent years, the Pissouri Grapes Festival has grown in popularity, attracting visitors from all over Cyprus and beyond. The festival has become a major cultural event, drawing attention to the unique wine-making traditions of the island. It is a time to celebrate the flavours and aromas of Cyprus’s wines, and to savour the fruits of the vineyards.

An Event Not to Be Missed

The Pissouri Grapes Festival is a testament to the enduring legacy of winemaking in Cyprus. It is a time to honour the ancient traditions of the land and to celebrate the beauty of the grape harvest. Whether you are a wine lover, a foodie, or simply someone who appreciates the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus, the Pissouri Grapes Festival is an event not to be missed. Come and join us in raising a glass to the bounty of the vineyards!

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