The Paphos Flower Festival

Paphos is The City of Entertainment

Cyprus is not only known for its sandy beaches and the sunny days, but also for being one of the most ancient countries in the world. The city of Paphos is no exception and celebrates significant events, festivals as well as organized exhibitions of various types with much zeal and passion.

This historic city has many religious festivals such as the Paphos Aphrodite Festival and the Green Monday, along with popular festivals like Paphos wine festival, Paradise Jazz Festival, Ancient Greek Drama and many more which also symbolizes the rich legacy of the city.

May in Paphos For the Flower Festival

The flower Festival in Paphos takes place in May, is an annual event and the spectators have the chance to join in and enjoy one of the most colourful events. The event is co-organized by the Paphos Municipality and the Paphos Naturist Spiritual Club, as continuations of a long tradition of more than 85 years and last for three days.

Paphos Flower Festival

Cypriots Celebrate The Return of Spring

In May Cypriots celebrate the return of Spring and the beauty of nature the flower Festival  – “Anthestiria. Anthestiria is inspired by the ancient festival that was held in Athens in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility.

Anthestiria was also the carnivals of souls, plants and flowers to celebrate the re-birth of man and nature.

Nowadays the Anthestiria Festivals in Cyprus have a similar theme to that in the ancient times. The word Anthestiria comes from the Greek word anthos that means “flower”.

May is The Month for Flowers and the Beginning of Spring

Flower festivals are organized in many cities and villages. The event features exhibitions, flower markets and shows. The main focus of Anthestiria is the flower parade with beautifully decorated floats and pedestrians carrying flowers.

In Pafos the main venue is the coastal avenue as far as the old harbour of Kato Paphos and everybody is having a nice time.

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