Cycling in Troodos Mountains Cyprus

Cycling From Limassol to Pissouri Village

Cycling from Limassol to Pissouri village is a picturesque journey that takes you through the beautiful countryside of Cyprus. There are several routes to take leaving Limassol but this time we take the southern road of the city towards the village of Trachoni. As you pedal along the coastal road, you will be treated to a stunning scene of evergreen trees on both sides of the road before you get to Trachoni.

As you are leaving Trachoni, a few kilometres away you will come across with Kolossi Castle where you can stop for a quick rest and refreshments.  

Continue West on The Old Road

From Kolossi Castle we continue west on the old road of Limassol to Paphos, towards Episkopi village and continue on this flat road towards Episkopi Garrison the English bases but is worth checking out the Curium amphitheatre and enjoy the panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea. This ancient site is still used today for cultural events and performances, and offers a glimpse into the history of the area. Leaving the Garrison will take you descending down to a flat area with vineyards that the area is famous for. The scent of ripe grapes fills the air as you cycle past the rows of vines that stretch out towards the horizon. Take a moment to stop and admire the view before continuing on your journey.

Approach Pissouri Village

As you approach Pissouri village, you will notice the traditional stone houses that line the streets. The village square is a bustling hub of activity, with locals going about their daily business and tourists enjoying a leisurely meal at one of the many cafes and restaurants.

After exploring the village, head towards Pissouri 

A Group of Cyclists

Bay where you can have a good rest and enjoy a freshly cooked fish dish before you make your way back to Limassol.

The Return Journey

As you cycle back towards Limassol, take a different route to explore more of the countryside. The rolling hills and olive groves provide a peaceful backdrop to your ride, with the sound of birdsong filling the air.

As you approaching near Limassol, you will pass through the picturesque village of Erimi. Stop for a break and enjoy a traditional Cypriot coffee at one of the local cafes, before continuing on your journey.

The final stretch of the route takes you back to Limassol, where you can relax and unwind after a day of cycling. Take a stroll along the promenade and watch the sunset over the sea, or explore the bustling streets of the city centre.

A Delightful and Enjoyable Journey

Overall, the cycling route from Limassol to Pissouri village is a delightful journey that showcases the natural beauty and rich history of Cyprus. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, this route offers something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your bike and hit the road for an unforgettable adventure in the Cypriot countryside.

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