The Geranium Citronella Leaves

Geranium Leaves (Arbaroriza)

It’s a plant you will find everywhere in nature and in all yards and gardens in every home with many healing properties: Geranium after numerous scientific studies has proven to be one of the most useful natural plants with several healing properties.

An important leaf in our lives

How many of you know this plant? I believe all of you, but how many of you know the countless benefits it offers us in everyday life for a better and healthier life?

It is one of a few plants with many names as apart from Geranium it is also known as Armparoriza, Gerani, Pelargonium, Moschofyllo, Chrysafi, Armanela, Loukoumohorto, Barbarousa, and Kiouli as it is known

Geranium Leaves

in Cyprus. Very often we will hear it by its Scientific name “Pelargonium odorodissimum”. This plant belongs to the “GERANIDON” family, originating from South Africa. It can withstand high temperatures and with little water for watering.

There Are Up To 50 Different Varieties

There are up to 50 different varieties with a small difference in leaf shape and smell but the use and benefits it offers to us are the same. You will find this plant in many countries with warm temperatures such as Egypt, Algeria, Kenya, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Southern Greece, all the Greek islands and of course in Cyprus. It grows very easily in coastal areas but you will find it in many gardens in other areas.

It is very well known for the smell it emits from its leaves and if you do not know the smell that emits comes from the back of the leaf after we rub it with our hand.

Its smell is so strong that in South Africa it was used as a deodorant (aromatic) after drying the leaves and using them as a deodorant for clothes, something that still happens today.

Other Uses

In general, the leaves of the Geranium (Armparoriza) are used in the kitchen in various foods for a better taste but also is used in various Greek syrup sweets (spoon sweets as they called in Greek) such as quince, cherry, grape, jams and many more, and in the various varieties of Turkish delights and ice creams. The aroma gives them a special taste. They are also used even in wineries in the manufacture of various aromatic wines.


You can make tea

It helps stimulate the nervous system. It is a healing, diuretic, and fights depression, hypertension and stress, diabetes, and kidney stones.

Its relaxing properties, help relieve nausea and migraines. Relieves arthritis pain and lowers cholesterol. Geranium (Armparoriza) tea is suitable to cure naftia and dizziness during pregnancy


You can make a decoction of Geranium (Arbaroriza)

After a lot of research around the world, they have shown that Geranium decoction, like tea, is considered to have many relaxing properties, as well as other herbs that we will talk about in future videos. It also helps relieve nausea and migraines. Helps against stress and hypertension. It acts as a sedative and relieves arthritis pain, and lowers cholesterol. Also due to its antibacterial action, it helps in acme

How The Decoction is Done

The decoction is made with the hard and woody parts of the herb. We take the hard parts of the herb (like the shoots of the plant, the roots, the peels, the stalks, and the seeds) and boil them in the water.

The hard parts break down, therefore the active supplements are released in the water. If the roots or peels themselves are very hard we boil them for 5 to 10 minutes, to release beneficial properties. You pass it through a colander and consume it hot

You can add a sweetener like honey or sugar if you prefer

Other Use of Geranium Leaves

They are used in the manufacture of various liqueur beverages.

They are also helps fight arthritis, and nausea and lowers cholesterol.

They are used in the manufacture of geranium oil

The Geranium Essential Oil

The essential oil of the GERANIUM (ARBARORIZA) comes from the distillation of its flowers, leaves, and stems and has an aroma between rose and fresh apple. It lowers the cholesterol. It is suitable for detoxification and elimination of retained fluids in our body. It is sedative against the nervous system and anti-inflammatory. In addition, it regulates hormones and relieves the intensity of the period and the problems of menopause.

The Geranium essential oil can be used as massage oil or diluted in the bath and in various creams to maintain radiant and healthy skin. It has healing properties that help clean spots and blemishes and erases and softens the signs of acne, dry skin (dermatitis), hemorrhoids, smallpox, and bruises. It fights varicose veins. Put a little oil and lightly massage the part where the problem is. Many also believe that it helps as an anti-aging. Also, use in products to fight cellulite and various burns.

It is also considered to act as a protection against radiation.

Helps blood circulation

Geranium essential oil regulates blood circulation. Just use this oil on local parts of the body and with a light massage it helps in the smooth circulation of the blood.

It Fights Inflammation and Other Chronic Diseases

It has anti-inflammatory properties and fights inflammation which is often the main cause of many serious and chronic diseases. For example, arthritis and heart disease are the result of inflammation in the joints and arteries, respectively. Therefore, it is important to take care and protect ourselves from such unpleasant situations. According to studies, it has been proven that arbaroriza not only enhances the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs but also prevents the creation of such reactions. Inhaling just a few drops of essential oil is enough to stimulate the nervous system, balance the heart rate, reduce stress levels, strengthen the immune system, and many other beneficial effects.

It is rich in antiseptic properties.

The smell of geranium protects our health from various germs so it is good to have a plant in a pot on our balcony or better at home. Tea or decoction of Geranium is a stimulant drink. Take 2 to 3 drinks a day to fight the flu, tonsils, fatigue, stress, rheumatism, and nervous system.

Other Benefits

They fight yellow jaundice a common disease in young children, fights gallstones and helps with nosebleeds. 2 drops of Egyptian Geranium essential oil and 2 drops of Lavdano in a cotton wick inserted into the nostril quickly stop bleeding in adults

Help with acne due to its antimicrobial action

For External Use

Helps treat acne, hemorrhoids, bruises, flea bites, mosquito bites, and cervical cancer locally

Essential oils are natural, effective, and very pleasant to use. The healing properties of the essential oils have long been known in ancient times. However, their use requires prudence and care, so I advise all of you who watch this video, to treat the essential oils the same way you treat the medicines and always follow the recommended dosage. This video is just informative only and it is recommended that you always get the opinion of the experts. Essential oils should not be used at all, without the advice of a professional aromatherapist or doctor for the following,

  1. during pregnancy and especially during the first 5 months
  2. From people who suffer from hypertension.
  3. From people with severe nervous disorders.
  4. On infants (children up to one year old).
  5. For swallowing. Although essential oils can benefit the body when taken (in the right amounts) along with a drink.

Essential Oils Should be Used With Caution in the Following Cases

Some essential oils can cause skin photosensitivity to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so it’s a good idea to avoid sun exposure for at least 4 hours after aromatotherapy (massage). I advise you not to use insoluble essential oils directly on the skin.

Children and the elderly should use essential oils in reduced proportions. It is good to read carefully the section “Essential Oils Dosage”.

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