January is the Month of Events in Cyprus

March is the Month of events in Cyprus

March is a great time to visit Cyprus, as the weather starts to warm up and the island comes alive with various social events and activities. From cultural festivals to sports competitions, there is something for everyone to enjoy during this month. Here are some of the top social events happening in Cyprus in March.


The Limassol Carnival is one of the biggest and most colourful events in Cyprus, attracting thousands of visitors each year. The carnival features parades, street performances, and costume contests, with participants dressed in elaborate costumes and masks. It’s a fun and festive event that showcases the creativity and spirit of the Cypriot people.

The Carnival Parade in Aglantzia is a vibrant and colourful event that takes place every year in February. Participants from all over the city come together to showcase their creative costumes, dance routines, and floats as they parade through the streets of Aglantzia.

The parade is a celebration of culture, music, and

community spirit, with spectators lining the streets to cheer on the participants. The atmosphere is electric, with music blaring, confetti flying, and people of all ages coming together to enjoy the festivities.

Logicom Paphos Cyprus Marathon is an annual running event held in the city of Paphos, Cyprus. The marathon features a full marathon, half marathon, and a 10K race, allowing runners of all levels to participate. The event typically takes place in March and attracts both local and 

international participants. The scenic route takes runners through the historic city of Paphos, passing by landmarks such as the Paphos Castle and the World Heritage Site of the Tombs of the Kings. The Logicom Paphos Cyprus Marathon is known for its beautiful course, friendly atmosphere, and warm Mediterranean climate, making it a popular destination for runners looking to combine a challenging race with a memorable travel experience.

Cyprus Granfondo Cycling is an annual cycling event held in Cyprus, attracting cyclists from around the world to participate in a challenging and scenic ride through the beautiful landscapes of the island. The event offers different routes of varying distances 

and difficulty levels, allowing cyclists of all abilities to take part. Participants can enjoy the stunning views, challenging climbs, and exhilarating descents, making it a truly memorable experience for all. The event also includes a post-ride celebration with food, drinks, and entertainment, creating a festive atmosphere for riders to relax and socialize after their ride. Cyprus Granfondo Cycling is a must-visit event for cycling enthusiasts looking to test their skills and enjoy the beauty of Cyprus.

Green Monday

Green Monday, also known as Clean Monday, marks the beginning of Lent in the Orthodox Christian tradition. It’s a day of fasting and feasting, with many Cypriots enjoying vegetarian meals and outdoor picnics. Traditional activities include flying kites, playing games, and dancing to folk music. It’s a festive and family-friendly day that brings people together to celebrate the start of the Easter season.

Overall, March is a vibrant and exciting month in Cyprus, with a wide range of social events and activities to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in wine, culture, sports, or history, there’s something for everyone to experience and celebrate in this beautiful Mediterranean island. So pack your bags and head to Cyprus this March for an unforgettable adventure!

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