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How to Get Reservoir Fishing Licence in Cyprus

When thinking of Cyprus, a lot of People imagine of a dry island due to its geographical state, even unknown to some where freshwater fishing doesn’t exist but this is absolutely wrong. Cyprus has 108 dams and reservoirs scattered all over the island, over 50 of which are sufficiently large enough to be registered at the International Committee on Large Dams (ICOLD), 18 of these large dams are the off-stream pond design, the largest of which is Kouris dam in the Limassol district. There are 21 Reservoirs in the South of Cyprus all with fish stocks where you can catch lots of perch, bass, zander, carp, catfish and eel; a license is required to fish them. You can get a license to fish only one dam or all of them.

Cyprus Freshwater Fishing License

Recreational Fishing Licenses in Reservoirs: If you are the age of 12 or over you can apply for a license. For issuing licenses to persons between the ages of 12 and 18, the written consent of their parent or guardian is mandatory. The licenses are personal. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the under 12 can’t practice fishing, off-course they can as long as their name is written on the license of their parent or guardian. For underage persons, the use of a lifejacket during fishing is mandatory.

Fishing Rules Applied For Reservoirs Fishing

  1. One hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.
  2. It is prohibited to carry any fishing gear to the bank of the reservoirs one and a half hour before sunrise.
  3. It is prohibited to have in possession any fishing gear at the bank of the reservoirs one and a half hour after sunset.

What You Need to Know

1. Fishing is only allowed with the use a fishing rod and the License entitles each person to use only one rod and line.
2. No person shall fish with a rod and line having more than one hook. A triple hook will be considered as one. When the fishing method of “cast and spin” is used for the fishing of predator species, the use of commercial artificial lures, which have more than one hook, is allowed.
3. All other methods of fishing, gear and fishing instruments, including the use of lights or lanterns or nets or handline or chemicals or other substances, are prohibited.
4. Fishing is only allowed from the banks.
5. It is prohibited to use any unmanned medium or device for direct fishing purposes or as a fishing aid.

Fishing Quota For The Day

It is prohibited to fish and hold during one day more than 2 fish of each species of Bass, Carp and Zander, 5 trouts and 1 sturgeon. It is also prohibited to hold during one day more than 10 of the above fish in total.

Size Limits For Different Fishes

No person shall hold, at any time: Trout less than 20 cm, Bass less than 30 cm, Zander less than 30cm Carp less than 30 cm and sturgeon less than 70 cm. The size shall be ascertained by measuring from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail fin. If a person takes an undersized fish accidentally he/she must return it to the water with the least possible injury.


Achna and Polemidia Dams

1. It is prohibited to kill or transfer live fish away from the reservoir.
2. All fish caught must be carefully unhooked and returned live back in the water.

Pike Fishing

In case a pike is caught/fished, it is prohibited to return it to the reservoir.

Release of Fish

During March and April all bass and carp species caught must be returned back to the water.

Sale of Fish

The sale of the fish is prohibited.

Where to Get Your Fishing Supplies

Fish Hunter

Apostolou Pavlou nAve., 56



Fishing Fanatic Store CY

Okeoannidon 10



A.M. Fishing World Ltd

Charalambous Court

Spyrou Kyprianou 20 A/B



The Angry Fish

38 B, Kyriakou Matsi 38



KN Fishing Stores Larnaca

157 Faneromenis Avenue


How to Get Reservoir Fishing Licence in Cyprus

1- You need to fill this form:
2- Copy of the applicant’s ID (identity)
3- Send it to:

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