Eco-Tourism in Cyprus

Natural Environment

Cyprus agro-tourism enhances and compliments a wonderful natural environment. The island of Cyprus offers a wide range of attractions to the visitor seeking this alternative holiday including opportunities for walking, hiking, bird-watching and wine tasting. Cyprus, offers a unique blend of agricultural and tourism experiences for visitors. Agro tourism in Cyprus provides an opportunity for travellers to immerse themselves in the island’s rich agricultural traditions and picturesque landscapes.

The countryside in Cyprus is blessed with natural and man-made beauty with an abundant historical heritage. Its beautifully unique natural environment is complemented by its traditional villages and architecture which lend it a special character and are always welcoming of visitors in the traditional warm and hospitable Cypriot way.

Wine Tasting

One of the most popular agro-tourism activities in Cyprus is wine tasting. The island has a long history of winemaking, dating back to ancient times. Visitors can tour local wineries, learn about the different grape varieties grown in Cyprus, and sample a variety of wines, including the famous Commandaria, a sweet dessert wine that has been produced on the island for centuries. Many wineries also offer guided tours of their vineyards, where visitors can see the grapes being grown and harvested, as well as learn about the wine-making process.

The Olive Industry in Cyprus

Another popular agro-tourism activity in Cyprus is olive oil tasting. The island is known for its high-quality olive oil, which is produced from the many olive groves that dot the countryside. Visitors can visit olive oil mills to see how the oil is extracted from the olives, as well as sample different varieties of olive oil. Some olive oil mills also offer cooking classes, where visitors can learn how to prepare traditional Cypriot dishes using olive oil as a key ingredient.

Explore the Countryside

Visitors can explore the sprawling vineyards that produce Cyprus’s renowned wines, such as Commandaria, while learning about the winemaking process from local experts. Additionally, citrus and olive groves dot the countryside, offering a chance for tourists to participate in olive oil and citrus fruit tastings, gaining insight into the island’s agricultural heritage.

Eco-tourism has become an important part of Cyprus tourism and is attracting more and more visitors every year and attracting back those who have already experienced it to come again, such is this unique experience of nature and traditional Cyprus villages.

The Benefits of Eco-Tourism

One of the benefits of eco-tourism in Cyprus is the opportunity to support local farmers and producers. By visiting local farms and purchasing their products, visitors can help sustain traditional agricultural practices and support the local economy. Many eco-tourism businesses in Cyprus are family-owned and operated, with a focus on sustainable farming methods and preserving the island’s agricultural heritage.

In addition to the agricultural activities, eco-tourism in Cyprus also offers visitors the chance to explore the island’s natural beauty. Many eco-tourism businesses are located in rural areas, surrounded by lush forests, rolling hills, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can go hiking or biking through the countryside, take guided nature walks, or simply relax in the peaceful surroundings of a rural farm or vineyard.

Engage in Rural Crafts

Furthermore, eco tourism in Cyprus extends beyond traditional farming activities, with opportunities for visitors to engage in rural crafts and workshops. From pottery and basket weaving to traditional Cypriot cooking classes, tourists can learn about the island’s cultural traditions while creating their own unique souvenirs.


In addition to these immersive experiences, eco tourism accommodations in Cyprus range from charming farm stays to rustic eco-lodges, providing visitors with a chance to unwind in tranquil natural settings and savour locally sourced meals.


Ultimately, eco tourism in Cyprus offers a dynamic and engaging way for travellers to connect with the island’s agricultural heritage, fostering a deeper understanding of the local culture and creating lasting memories of a unique and enriching vacation experience.

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